CompuGroup Medical, Phoenix, has released new features and enhancements to its LabDaq laboratory information system and LabNexus laboratory outreach solution.

LabDaq is designed to empower labs of all sizes to optimize revenue and improve customer retention by increasing efficiency, streamlining workflow, reducing turnaround times, and promoting patient safety.

Carl Smith, CompuGroup Medical US.

Carl Smith, CompuGroup Medical US.

“The changes we’ve implemented come in response to our clients’ specific needs,” says Carl Smith, general manager of the lab division at CompuGroup Medical US. “We developed solutions for these clients, and now we can roll out the improvements so that every laboratory can benefit.”

The upgraded workflow management option offers new ways to sort and search patient and test data. The enhanced ability to pinpoint quality controls that have tested out of range allows laboratory specialists to identify specifically which test plates need to be retested. This feature saves employees time and reduces any waste that comes from rerunning plates that are not in question.

“Even the smallest change was driven by user feedback,” says Smith. “Reference laboratories wanted the location filter in workflow management to default to displaying all of a client’s locations, and now that is the standard with version 19.11.”

LabNexus provides laboratories with a Cloud-based portal that connects them to the providers they serve. Its tools simplify the exchange of information, improve workflow, and allow a lab to increase testing volume and grow its outreach business.

With the latest update, CompuGroup Medical has made the LabNexus interface more user friendly. Updates to the HL7 activity log make it easier to see what’s going on behind the scenes, while improvements to the pending report query, order history, and organization setup make the platform more intuitive than before.

“Pending tests and order history can now be sorted by received date, so users have another way to quickly find the information they’re looking for,” says Smith. “By spending less time on the system, providers can spend more time with patients, and laboratories can turn around those test results even faster.”

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