Global developer and manufacturer of in vitro diagnostics EKF Diagnostics, Cardiff, UK, has recently launched its Lactate Scout 4 handheld lactate analyzer for fast and accurate sports performance monitoring. Lactate Scout 4 is designed for use in the field as a training companion for individuals or sports teams.

For both sports training and personal fitness, measuring lactate helps to define workout intensities for maximizing fat catabolism, increasing endurance, and avoiding overexhaustion. Use of Lactate Scout 4 will help coaches and athletes to determine optimal training programs, define training zones, and avoid inefficient training regimes. The new analyzer is suitable for field training, since it is pocket-sized, weighs just 60g, and features simple pushbutton navigation and an e-paper screen that can be read easily in any light condition. Lactate Scout 4 is quick and simple to use, requires no calibration, and returns a result in 10 seconds from a sample of just 0.2 µl of capillary blood.

Functionality of the Lactate Scout 4 is further enhanced by Bluetooth connectivity to all major brands of heart rate monitor. Heart rate data can be collected and collated using the step test function to provide in-depth analysis of performance. Up to 500 lactate results can be stored on the device, all of which are compensated for the influence of low and high hematocrit levels. Adding to its practicality and reliability, the Lactate Scout 4 can undertake 1,000 tests using just two CR2450 lithium batteries.

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Featured image: EKF Diagnostics’ Lactate Scout 4 handheld analyzer for rapid field-based lactate measurement.