Foundation Medicine, Inc. has announced a partnership to integrate its comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) and other testing services with Epic’s electronic medical record (EMR) system. Once completed, all providers who use Foundation Medicine’s instance of Epic will be able to electronically order Foundation Medicine tests within the Epic network. The integration is designed to support oncology practices, academic medical centers, and other health systems by providing easy access to clinical and genomic information in one place to better enable more streamlined clinical decision making. This integration is one of many updates Foundation Medicine is making across its portfolio to help expand precision oncology through efficient and high-quality, data-driven insights.

This integration will enable clinical teams to place orders for Foundation Medicine’s CGP tests, and receive and view results directly within their existing workflow in Epic’s EMR platform. The enhancement will also target to reduce data entry with the aim of accelerating delivery of actionable insights to physicians to help guide treatment planning.

“In order to bring the reality of precision medicine to more cancer patients, we need to simplify the process for getting oncologists access to the genomic insights they need for targeted treatment planning,” said Kathleen Kaa, Interim Chief Commercial Officer at Foundation Medicine. “This integration with Epic is one of our key efforts to improve the process for ordering our tests so care teams can focus on providing the best treatment for their patients.”

The integration, expected to be available next year, is an important advancement for precision oncology and data-driven decision making. By integrating test reporting directly into Epic, this effort will help drive clinical workflow efficiency and arm providers with streamlined access to clinical and genomic information in one location. Upon completion of these enhancements, care teams will be empowered with easy access to precision medicine pathways.

Foundation Medicine is also partnering with several institutions using EMR systems other than Epic’s to enable custom EMR solutions for those practices.