The CentraLink data management system version 15 from Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc, Tarrytown, NY, provides centralized management and control of lab testing, customizing and streamlining workflows across automation, systems, and information technology. The system enables labs to manage test results, patient information, and quality-control data from all connected instruments using a single, centralized workstation. Lab professionals can intelligently manage other automation solutions from Siemens, including Aptio and Advia automation and VersaCell advanced robotic systems. The data management system features a real-time dashboard that presents visual cues highlighting items that require attention. The system’s latest launch includes an advanced hematology module that offers visibility of critical data, a centralized hematology-specific review-and-edit screen, and one-click integration of CellaVision images for paperless workflow. For more information, visit Siemens.