The LigoLab LIS and RCM operating platform is designed to support and streamline the complete life cycle of all laboratory operations and promote business growth. It removes the silos and connects, merges, and integrates every lab process and department through an all-in-one system that becomes the focal point for all lab operations (administrative, technical, and financial) and benefits revenue cycle management. The system modernizes labs by automating processes, streamlining workflows, and eliminating human errors. Most importantly, it ensures data integrity and enables laboratories to embrace a new collection model. With LigoLab’s fully integrated platform, lab operators have the power to combine the LIS and RCM workflows and start the billing process as the order is received rather than after the report is finalized. This front-end billing model is possible thanks to features like real-time third-party integrations that allow laboratories to auto-code and validate all claims before they are submitted to payers, and real-time payment queues that provide laboratories with full operational transparency so claims no longer fall through the cracks and every case is resolved. For partner labs using the LigoLab all-in-one platform, these features have translated into clean claims paid on the first submission over 98% of the time, and overall revenue increases of 30% or more (adjusted for growth) without added operating costs. For more information, visit LigoLab. Featured image: Courtesy LigoLab