Gestalt Diagnostics, a provider of digital pathology solutions, announced the availability of the company’s Artificial Intelligence Requisition Engine (AIRE), which is aimed at drastically improving the speed and accuracy of time-consuming, manual data entry tasks.

The solutions is an intuitive and continual learning AI algorithm that is highly scalable and accurately interprets requisition and other form types, including complicated ones, the company says.

AIRE boosts data quality for more timely and accurate billing by eliminating error-prone, human data entry. It validates patient information against an existing database while flagging information for correction and adds new patients accurately. AIRE also automatically accessions new and existing patients based on a custom set threshold of up to 95% accuracy, reducing accessioning time by up to 80%.

“It is a huge lift when processes are not automated, from validating the accuracy of information and manual data entry, to hiring, training and retaining staff in difficult employment times,” says Lisa-Jean Clifford, COO & chief strategy officer of Gestalt Diagnostics. “Integrating Gestalt’s AIRE solution increases your operational efficiency and staff productivity – increasing your bottom line. Our breadth of experience in the laboratory, IT services, and digital software enables our team to provide innovative, interoperable, and relevant solutions for our customers and partners.”

The new AIRE solution helps:

  • Train against each new format and continues to learn and improve accuracy over a short time. Interpreting information wherever it finds it, even upside-down insurance cards.
  • Adjust and make changes to existing documents. Highlighted features include onboarding new physicians, clients, and requisitions with varied handwriting.
  • Reduce an organization’s reliance on human resources in hiring, staff turnover, coverage for outages, etc.

The solution is also cloud-based and includes all software/hardware updates, upgrades, and support. Its stand-alone integrated module frees staff of valuable time to focus on other tasks.