Loftware Inc, Portsmouth, NH, has introduced several releases designed to enhance business rules capabilities, improve character level formatting (CLF), and support for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2.

Enhancements to Loftware Connector for Oracle 4.1 and Loftware Universal Connector 4.1 include console adjustments that enable users to import and export databases and business rules to a local client. The business rules functionality now includes “execute unless” logic to better support the complexity and variability of labeling. Additional changes include advanced Java database connectivity driver handling, enabling users to seamlessly connect to additional external data sources; proxy support for load balancing environments; improved business rules load times with error handling; and logging and support for Oracle 12c and Java 1.8.

Two additional releases, Loftware Print Server 10.2.1 and Loftware Label Manager 10.2.1, build on CLF capabilities introduced in versions 10.2. Loftware’s CLF capabilities—which already enable users to adjust a variety of attributes such as bold, italic, underline, superscript, subscript, font, font size, color, text direction, and line breaks—let users address regulatory labeling challenges such as the European Union regulation EU1169. To further assist customers in addressing evolving regulations, LPS 10.2 and LLM 10.2 now offer the nine pictograms required to address compliance issues from the globally harmonized system of classification and labeling of chemicals.

“As the industry leader, we feel it’s important to continually enhance our enterprise labeling solutions to help our customers address evolving business requirements,” says Josh Roffman, Loftware vice president of marketing and product management. “We maintain close relationships with our customers to ensure that we fully understand the scope of their existing labeling challenges and are prepared to meet their needs.”

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