BD (Becton, Dickinson, and Company), a Franklin Lakes, N.J.-based global medical technology company, announced it is seeking to transform the patient experience through a vision of a “One-Stick Hospital Stay,” building on its history of innovation and leadership in blood collection and vascular access solutions.

With the recent acquisition of San Francisco-based Velano Vascular and its needle-free technology that enables high-quality blood draws from existing peripheral intravenous catheter (PIVC) lines, BD says it can now enable healthcare providers to help eliminate multiple needlesticks for blood sample collection, reducing the pain and discomfort from the process while delivering quality outcomes and increased patient satisfaction. According to the company, the addition of Velano Vascular’s FDA-cleared PIVO device allows BD to help healthcare providers move closer to the aspirational vision of the “One-Stick Hospital Stay,” where certain low-acuity patients will only have one “stick” for their entire hospital stay.

“As a global leader in vascular access solutions and blood collection, BD has been on the forefront of innovations that improve the patient experience and reduce additional needlesticks,” says Rick Byrd, president of Medication Delivery Solutions for BD. “Now, with the addition of Velano and its groundbreaking technologies, we can envision a world where a ‘One-Stick Hospital Stay’ could be a reality for many by making the numerous inpatient blood draws better for everyone.”

Blood draws by venipuncture and inserting PIVCs are two of the most commonly performed procedures in hospitals. Needlesticks affect nearly every hospitalized patient daily and are typically associated with some level of pain and anxiety for patients, especially with successive sticks.

“Since inception, we have long championed a more compassionate vision for quality vascular care for every patient in every hospital anywhere in the world,” says Eric M. Stone, co-founder of Velano Vascular. “By joining forces with BD, we can collectively accelerate the impact of our work to more rapidly make this shared vision of a ‘One-Stick Hospital Stay’ a reality.”

Company officials say the Velano acquisition is consistent with BD’s growth strategy to enter new categories that address unmet needs and deliver higher impact to patients and health systems. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Featured image: BD is looking to transform the patient experience through a vision of a “One-Stick Hospital Stay,” and the acquisition of Velano Vascular and its needle-free technology. Photo: BD