LigoLab Information System, a provider of innovative software for pathology groups and clinical laboratories, has announced that its TestDirectly patient engagement platform supports the expansion of laboratory services into the home. 

With TestDirectly, laboratories now have the opportunity to open new revenue sources by directly connecting with the patient for easy, convenient at-home testing. The services supported by TestDirectly include the online ordering of a test kit, the shipping of the test kit to the patient’s home, the laboratory’s receipt of the patient’s specimen after collection, the laboratory processing of the specimen, the automated delivery of the test result back to the patient, and the videoconferencing and scheduling of consultations if needed.

“TestDirectly supports any kind of direct-to-consumer test and serves as a marketplace for enhanced and specialized laboratory services,” said LigoLab CEO Suren Avunijian. “The platform enables laboratories to gain visibility and grow their brands as they align with consumers and provide them with a streamlined and unified experience.”

Patient consumerism has accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic, and patients are increasingly becoming more active participants in their healthcare. There’s also a growing expectation for them to be able to easily find specialty laboratories, order test kits, and receive their test results all from one place. With TestDirectly, laboratories can cater to their patients by offering all forms of diagnostic testing and preventative screening in an at-home setting. 

TestDirectly is an agnostic, cloud-based portal that integrates with all laboratory information systems (LIS & RCM) and simplifies the ordering, collection, and testing of specimen samples, plus patient reporting. It replaces paper forms and manual processes with an electronic workflow that eliminates the potential for human errors, order entry bottlenecks, reporting delays, and patient and staff frustration. 

The portal makes it easier for medical laboratories to directly connect with patients, collection facilities, providers, schools, employers, and organizations for safe, fast, and accurate direct-to-consumer testing. It supports all forms of specimen collection (at-home, drive-through, walk-up, concierge, etc.) and all forms of employer/organizational testing, including school surveillance/pooled testing. 

“The platform and its network of laboratories and collection centers throughout the U.S. have processed over 10 million cases to date,” said Avunjian. “TestDirectly helps labs deliver a better patient experience and it gives them and other providers the key they need to unlock testing capacity and improve turnaround times, all while fully supporting a case and a specimen throughout the testing journey.”

In addition to its support of the at-home testing workflow, TestDirectly features LIS functionality,  and its core services include patient and family self-registration and scheduling, capacity management, specimen collection, specimen tracking and processing, billing, compliance, report generation, patient result notification (by email and SMS), and automated report delivery (via email, SMS, portal, or interface). 

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