Station X_GenePool_640Seven Bridges Genomics Inc, Cambridge, Mass, and Station X Inc., San Francisco, have debuted an integrated, cloud-based platform for scalable genomic data management, storage, and analysis.

The Seven Bridges Genomics platform provides an integrated environment to manage any next-generation sequencing data analysis workflow—from raw data all the way to usable, interpretable data. Meanwhile, GenePool from Station X enables researchers to manage, visualize, and analyze processed genomic patient data and securely share the information with colleagues. Combined, the platforms enable customers to perform rapid interrogation of patient-derived sequencing data, and their associated clinical and sample metadata, in a secure and interactive way.

“The Seven Bridges Platform provides an integrated environment to manage, execute, and collaborate on all aspects of sequencing analysis workflows,” says Deniz Kural, chief executive of Seven Bridges. “We are pleased to integrate with GenePool to provide our mutual customers an easy way to go from their Seven Bridges analysis to exploration with Station X.”

Photo Goold Richard_640

Richard Goold, chief executive of Station X

“GenePool was designed to accelerate the identification and validation of biomarkers that play a role in human disease and the translation of these findings into actionable results,” says Richard Goold, chief executive of Station X. “Through our collaboration with Seven Bridges Genomics, we can now provide our mutual customers with a complete solution that will allow them to manage the entire process from sample to answer—with one fully integrated, cloud-based solution.”

The integrated workflow has been in pre-release testing at selected cancer genomics research laboratories and academic centers in North America. “Our customers have now processed a number of valuable and interesting datasets related to various cancers through the combined Seven Bridges and GenePool solution,” says Tod Klingler, chief scientific officer at Station X. “They find the integrated software to be easy-to-use, robust, and very informative.”

The integrated solution is available via either Seven Bridges Genomics or Station X, each of whom will each maintain responsibility for technical support and maintenance of their respective platforms.

For more information, visit Seven Bridges Genomics or Station X.