Data Innovations’ middleware solution, Instrument Manager™(IM), enables the implementation of the most efficient processes throughout the laboratory. With the release of v8.05’s additional functionality and enhancements, Instrument Manager is designed to be the gold standard in middleware.
     The specimen-management user interface has been completely redesigned to allow for total user customization. This major change provides lab personnel the ability to easily create and save personalized workspaces by choosing different panes, filters, and display options from familiar Windows®-based toolbars. The amount of information viewable on a single screen has been extended, and the user can now choose data to display from all that is stored in the system, including patient demographics, specimen and test information, previous results, and images. Several standard workspaces are also provided.
     Maintenance Manager is a brand new optional module to IM. This feature allows users to manage lab-maintenance tasks by scheduling and documenting maintenance activities of both interfaced and noninterfaced equipment. Maintenance Manager keeps track of tasks such as instrument calibration, routine maintenance, unscheduled service, and consumable reload. Tasks can be assigned to specific user profiles, and progress of these tasks can be sent to users as well as supervisors. Maintenance logs are electronically stored and available for printing to meet any documentation requirements.
     Notifier has been enhanced to allow the user to add custom notification events to the standard list of events. These user-defined events are triggered through the rules engine, allowing for the construction of the notification text from dynamic data elements at that time. Email, PC popup messages, pages, and support for new audiovisual light poles provide flexibility in notification methods.

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