Diagnostica Stago Inc has introduced the STA-R® Evolution, the newest high-performance system in the STA® family of analyzers. The STA-R Evolution is a fully automated, stand-alone workstation with robotic capabilities for the complete laboratory automation line. In one system, clotting, chromogenic, and immunologic assays are performed simultaneously.
     “In response to customers’ needs and the changing laboratory environment, Diagnostica Stago has incorporated new technology in the STA-R Evolution,” says Bob Bachkosky, director of sales and marketing for Diagnostica Stago Inc. “The result is a reliable solution for the hemostasis laboratory.”
     The STA-R Evolution analyzer offers 220 sample positions for extensive walkaway time. The Diagnostica Stago patented viscosity-based detection system eliminates interference from lipemia, icterus, or hemolysis, which maximizes the accuracy of results.
     The system’s sample-management method offers high throughput and rapid processing of STAT samples without the need to interrupt current testing. Other advantages include precalibration of fibrinogen, d-dimer, and free protein S assays, as well as assayed control materials to give the operator ease of use and confidence in reporting accurate results. Additional STA-R features include Windows NT® software, a new system-status screen, calculated tests, password security, and traceability. The easy-to-operate system provides exceptional productivity for performing high-volume routine and specialty hemostasis testing with minimal time spent on maintenance.

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