Orchard Software and Fisher HealthCare announced an exclusive agreement to offer and sell Orchard laboratory information systems, including the Orchard® Pathology diagnostic information system, to hospitals and independent reference laboratories.

“In an effort to enhance the distribution and sales of Orchard’s laboratory information systems to new prospective customers, Orchard has aligned itself with Fisher HealthCare. In conjunction with Orchard’s sales staff, our new channel partner will increase sales opportunities for new Orchard systems by providing hundreds of Fisher HealthCare representatives with the opportunity to talk to their laboratory clients about an Orchard lab system,” says Curt Johnson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Orchard Software.

With the changes in reimbursements surrounding anatomic pathology procedures, more hospital and independent laboratories are interested in adding anatomic pathology testing.  Also, many labs are adding or developing specialized molecular tests further blurring the lines between clinical and AP testing.

Johnson continues, “Orchard Pathology is a complete diagnostic information system equipped to meet the complex workflow and reporting of clinical, molecular, and pathology testing.  Along with the growth in pathology and molecular, labs doing outreach reference work are looking for systems to help them electronically integrate with their lab customers’ Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems.

In order to stay competitive, integration with their customers’ EMRs is essential.  Orchard® Copia® provides both web-based access and EMR integration for remote order entry and results reporting and delivery.”

Mark Smits, Vice President of Marketing, Sourcing and Business Development for the Fisher HealthCare business, states, “This agreement strategically aligns Orchard products with other products being offered by Fisher HealthCare. Fisher HealthCare offers many Thermo Scientific Anatomical Pathology processing systems, including labelers, etchers, slide readers, and stainers. With Orchard, we can offer our lab customers a more complete and comprehensive package.”

Source: Orchard Software