Cleveland-based GenomOncology’s new IgniteIQ is a solution designed to efficiently extract clinically relevant data from scanned or digital PDF reports, currently NGS and pathology reports, and convert that data to discrete data elements. Through automation and quality assurance, IgniteIQ streamlines data validation and analysis to create actionable information.

The IgniteIQ solution extracts text from unstructured and semi-structured clinically relevant documents. Once extracted, the data is then expertly and fastidiously reviewed by in-house, genomic experts to ensure the highest level of quality assurance. Extracted data elements can then be integrated into existing institutional systems as structured data.

IgniteIQ allows clinicians, bioinformaticians, and researchers to dig deeper into historical and current data sets, which is an arduous task with hard copy or scanned documents attached to a medical record or housed in a clinical data warehouse. This extracted data can then be utilized to inform research, improve analytics, and ultimately enhance precision oncology programs.

“With IgniteIQ, institutions and labs are able to reduce both the overhead time and cost that is associated with data extraction and transformation. The solution streamlines the data extraction process, giving your team more time to focus on your main priorities, your patients, and their treatments,” says Ian Maurer, chief technology officer.

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