Hitachi Software Engineering America and OriGene Technologies announced a co-marketing agreement to jointly promote OriGene’s multiplex assays built on Luminex xMAP®/Bio-Plex technology and Hitachi Software’s MasterPlex® software suite for analysis and reporting of multiplex assay data.

According to the agreement, OriGene will use MasterPlex® exclusively in all immunoassay and custom assay development. Customers purchasing OriGene’s assays will be offered the use of MasterPlex software product for 30 days. The agreement will also enable Hitachi Software’s clients to have easy access to information and preferred purchasing arrangements for OriGene’s broad range of assays.

The Hitachi Software MasterPlex Suite delivers a highly valued combination of advanced analysis, quality control and flexible reporting tools for data sets in both research and 21 CFR Part 11-compliant labs. MasterPlex is hardware independent and offers a variety of features not commonly found in a single analysis application. MasterPlex has been developed over the past eight years and is currently being used by laboratories in universities, institutions and companies in the life sciences industry in more than 20 countries.

OriGene’s strength in multiplexed assays relies on its genome wide collection of high-quality full-length human cDNA clones, over 5000 human-cell produced proteins, and its growing collection of TrueMAB™ monoclonal antibodies. OriGene scientists have developed many research and diagnostic assays based on Luminex platform, including multiplexed assays for microRNA expression, transcription factors profiling, and genotyping.

As part of the agreement, Hitachi Software and OriGene will also present quarterly scientific webinars that provide an in-depth view into both OriGene’s assays and the key features of MasterPlex that enable researchers to analyze data in this increasingly complex research domain. The webinars will be available to registered participants at no charge.

"We are very excited to be partnering with OriGene Technologies," said Robert Lynde, Director of Sales for Hitachi Software. "We believe that in combination with OriGene’s broad range of multiplex assays, the Hitachi Software MasterPlex Suite and custom reporting services are, without a doubt, the market-leading solution for xMAP technology users. Going forward, OriGene and Hitachi Software plan to leverage our new partnership to bring an even broader range of research and analysis solutions to our current and future life sciences customers."

Source: OriGene Technologies