Proteoderm Inc a wholly owned subsidiary of Proteonomix, Inc announced that it has successfully developed a new formulation of Proteoderm. The new formulation will be only available at licensed health professionals’ offices.

The new product, Proteoderm PS (physician strength) is designed to provide a specific dosage of the active ingredient Matrix NC-138, to the patient depending on the patient’s skin type and genomic analysis. Proteoderm PS will be a fresh new entry into the growing category of personalized medicine. Proteoderm PS will provide the optimal and highest strength of the active ingredient for each user.

Personalized medicine is a medical model emphasizing the systematic use of information about an individual patient to select or optimize that patient’s preventative and therapeutic care. Personalized medicine can broadly be defined as products and services that leverage the science of genomics and proteomics (directly or indirectly) and capitalize on the trends toward wellness and consumerism to enable tailored approaches to prevention and care. It is often defined as "the right treatment for the right person at the right time."

Michael Cohen, CEO of Proteonomix, Inc., stated, "Our research and development continues to take our laboratory efforts and apply them to commercialization. We expect Proteoderm PS to add additional revenues to our sales of Proteoderm, and have a meaningful contribution to the company’s expanding product line."

Source: Proteonomix