Ohio Gastroenterology Group, Inc., a provider of advanced GI procedures, and Cerebrum Corp., a provider of intelligent lab workflow solutions, have announced a collaborative partnership to enhance the personalization of patient care. 

Ohio Gastroenterology will utilize Cerebrum’s LABdivus workflow/specimen tracking intelligent software to enable pathologists and lab directors to track a specimen from the time it enters a lab at accessioning to the sign-out and diagnosis. 

“Our primary objective for expanding laboratory services was to provide better communication between gastroenterologist and pathologist,” says Raghuram Reddy, MD. “Cerebrum’s LABdivus software provides important workflow optimizations and reporting customizations that accelerate specimen processing while eliminating repetitive record keeping.”

The collaboration allows Ohio Gastroenterology to use advanced technologies that provide better workflow efficiencies and specimen tracking to enable better patient safety – assuring the right patient gets the right treatment as soon as possible. \

“We are particularly pleased to collaborate with Ohio Gastroenterology Group, a regional leader in providing state-of-the-art digestive care”, says Gregg Lahti, CEO of Cerebrum Corporation. “Our laboratory information management software is specifically designed with a patient-centric point of view, improving the speed and efficiency for diagnostic testing. Future evolutions of LABdivus will offer additional features that support personalized medicine innovations as they emerge.”