Orchard Software, developer of laboratory information systems (LIS), now offers a fully integrated anatomic pathology module to accompany its Orchard Harvest™ LIS. The Orchard Harvest LIS anatomic pathology (AP) module offers rule-based decision-making and the integration of clinical data between departments.
     The new module is fully integrated into Harvest LIS and provides direct access to cytology, pathology, and clinical laboratory results, including all historical results. A single click of the mouse gives the pathologist immediate access to the patient’s entire clinical history, saving time and streamlining diagnosis. This direct integration and linking enhances communication between the clinical and anatomic pathology departments.
     To simplify case management, the Harvest LIS AP module employs a “worksheet” screen with templates that the user can customize according to laboratory procedures or any standardized protocol. Screen prompts ensure that all required information is included, and shortcuts permit the easy addition of free-form or preformatted text, new procedures, and other important functions. The AP module’s multilevel sign-out procedures allow cases to be forwarded for review and final approval.
     In addition, the Harvest LIS AP module’s image-management tools permit a user to easily link gross and/or microscopic images to the case worksheet and patient report. The software supports a number of common image formats and allows pertinent comments to be associated with each image.
     With the Harvest LIS AP module, evaluations, correlation studies, and other management reports can easily be created without the need for special programming skills. Users may perform searches by specimen, diagnosis, test result, or case number using the system’s powerful data-mining capabilities. The completed reports can be printed on demand, or can be scheduled to print automatically.

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