photoThis company has added a Windows-based software to its flatbed scanning technology for faster and easier scanning, imaging, quantitation and reporting of electrophoresis results.
     QuickScan 2000 can image visible electrophoretic analytes on agarose gels with the speed of flatbed scanning and uses Windows pull-down menus for navigation around scans and worklists. Protein and cholesterol scan editing is automatically performed via intelligent software.
     Operation can be mastered in minutes with no slits to select, no wavelengths to choose. Just place the finished gel onto the alignment guide and start scanning. An entire gel with up to 100 samples is imaged in seconds.
      Reports are easily customized and can be printed in color or in black and white. A new feature allows the user to create a single page report of a patient’s SPE and IFE results that includes both the SPE and IFE pattern images with pattern interpretation and quantitation in choice of units.
Helena Laboratories
Keyword: software, electropharesis