photoThese PK Blood Grouping Red Blood Cells are pre-qualified for use on this company’s PK7200 analyzers.
     The ready-to-use reagents improve turnaround time by reducing reagent preparation within the lab. They are packaged in 55mL vials and are standardized for lot-to-lot consistency. The use of PK RBCs removes the manufacturing responsibility from the laboratory and reduces the variability problems typically seen when reagent RBCs are manufactured in-house. It also eliminates a source of error and the need for extraneous process control and documentation.
      Use of PK RBCs eliminates the need for a densitometer and its associated calibration and troubleshooting. An additional benefit is that labs no longer need to sacrifice a donor unit or pull EDTA samples to manufacture reverse typing cells.
      The availability of complementary ABO and Rh antisera pre-qualified for use on the PK7200 instrument is anticipated by early 2002, subject to FDA clearance.
Olympus America
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