Vox Pap

Voice record of observations

Psyche Systems, Milford, Mass, was recently awarded a patent for its interactive voice software for cytology cases, called Vox Pap. With Vox Pap, cytology technologists make a voice record of their observations, and the computer talks back to prompt for additional information, verify data, and sign out the case. Unlike available voice-recognition technologies, Vox Pap offers truly interactive voice capabilities that enable the cytotech to focus exclusively on the specimen without having to toggle back and forth between the microscope and the computer screen to verify information for record keeping and report generation. This system eliminates the need for time-intensive reviews of the specimen and minimizes the potential for human error.

Psyche Systems
(800) 345-1514; www.psychesystems.com

Network Shutdown Module

Power management software

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MGE UPS Systems has announced the availability of the latest version of its Network Shutdown Module (NSM) v3.1 software. This robust power management software will appeal to the most demanding data center IT managers who face the daily challenge of managing virtual servers, blade servers, and N+X power redundancy levels, either on the server or on the UPS side. This new version features a new user-friendly, Web-based interface and is compatible with a host of operating systems including Vista, Windows Server 2003 Standard x64 Edition and Xeon 64 or Linux distributions (Ubuntu, Novell, Redhat, Mandriva, Debian, VMWare ESX). This highly scalable power management software is a good match for multiple-OS environments typical of modern data centers.

MGE UPS Systems
(800) 523-0142; [removed][removed][removed]www.mgeups.com/us[/removed][/removed][/removed]

Laboratory Software

Tracks equipment usage

Anami Communications division, the information technology and consulting division of Cornet Technology Inc (CTI), Washington, DC, has made available Lab Track, a stand-alone software solution that tracks and records equipment usage in a laboratory environment. Lab Track gives lab managers complete, secure, and flexible access and control of any piece of lab equipment connected to a PC. Recorded data is stored in an internal database for reference, as needed, by lab administrators. The software runs on a Microsoft® Windows® platform and records equipment usage 24/7. It allows lab managers to set specific lab rules based on hours of operation; creates comprehensive billing reports; and generates usage reports on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis. A free trial version can be downloaded through Cornet Technology’s Web site.

Cornet Technology
(703) 658-3400; www.cornet.com/anami