Sysmex America Inc has released the newest version of its Sysmex WAM middleware software platform. The Sysmex WAM Management Reports Module features new tools such as point-and-click navigation, which enable the user to quickly develop on-demand reports, facilitating management decisions related to optimizing laboratory efficiency. The WAM Management Reports Module is now available for US and Canada customers with Sysmex WAM version 4.1.

The WAM Management Reports Module enhances the lab’s ability to measure the impact of automation and standardization projects by providing immediate insight to key metrics such as turnaround times, test counts, result validation rates, and rules and results statistics. From an operational perspective, clinical laboratories must intensely measure turnaround times, staffing utilization and efficiency utilizing LEAN principles. Quality is tightly controlled and it is enhanced with Six-Sigma methods to further improve processes by eliminating errors. Clinical laboratories must also scrutinize operational costs, staffing, workflow balance, productivity and a wide variety of other metrics that are shown to be enhanced by the implementation of automation and increased standardization.

Source: Sysmex America Inc