Sysmex tabletMobile Lab Assistant
Displays real-time analyzer performance data
My Sysmex from Sysmex America Inc, Lincolnshire, Ill, is a web-based mobile lab assistant that displays real-time analyzer performance data, enabling a customer to make informed decisions. The program displays instrument status data on demand at the technologist’s work area. The exclusive information available on My Sysmex for customers includes instrument maintenance, service, and calibration data available with one click. Users can view the company’s Insight interlaboratory quality assessment program to support their instrument analysis data. Predictive alerts proactively identify next actions to avoid unnecessary instrument downtime.
Sysmex America
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Xifin batching_plateUpdated Next-Generation Sequencing Workflow Software
Includes instrument and software interfacing
Laboratory information system (LIS) clients of Xifin Inc, San Diego, Calif, can now manage the entire wet-lab process for molecular testing, including next-generation sequencing (NGS). The company’s new Xifin LIS Anywhere NGS workflow version 2.0 gives users the ability to automate and manage batching specimens to plates. The program also includes robust instrument and software interfacing with platforms from Illumina and Thermo Fisher Scientific to achieve automated reporting for NGS testing. Lab technicians can manage procedures for extraction, library prep, and hybridization for any NGS test.
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Psyche Systems WPToxToxicology Laboratory Information System
Provides multiple report formats
WPTox is a toxicology laboratory information system from Psyche Systems Corp, Milford, Mass, that incorporates features and workflows specific to drugs-of-abuse and pain management testing. It can be used as a standalone toxicology information system or as part of a complete LIS. WPTox simplifies and streamlines the sample collection process through its Web-based sample collection portal. The system also provides multiple report formats specifically designed to report drug testing. Major features include the ability to capture, properly classify, and interpret the presence or absence of prescribed and non-prescribed drugs, as well as drugs of abuse.
Psyche Systems
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Siemens Atellica_ProcessManager (2)Process Management Software
Assesses key metrics
Atellica PM 1.0 from Siemens Healthineers, Tarrytown, NY, is process management software that simplifies the management of laboratory operations. The software enables lab managers to monitor and oversee processes from both inside and outside the clinical lab with real-time visual cues and alerts. Robust process analytics provide on-demand reports and assess key metrics such as turnaround times, testing volumes, and automation utilization. Further, users can view their individual lab configuration in 3-D—which can include different locations, departments, or sites if desired. Atellica PM 1.0 also helps maintain laboratory operations by tracking onboard inventory consumption and notifying the laboratory manager of decreasing inventory, with low-consumable and low-reagent alerts.
Siemens Healthineers
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PerkinElmer ChemDraw Direct Signals NotebookCloud-Based Laboratory Notebook
Fully integrated with Microsoft Office
The PerkinElmer Signals Notebook from PerkinElmer Inc, Waltham, Mass, enables users to compile, report, and share data quickly to accelerate drug discovery. The Cloud-based system allows for access and management of notebooks or experiments in real time. The platform is fully integrated with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office Online applications to further streamline processes, such as directly attaching documents to experiments. The program also offers Cloud storage designed to be safe, secure, and convenient for recording observations and synthesis attempts.
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Orchard logoLaboratory Systems Portfolio
Provides rules-based decision support
Orchard Software, Carmel, Ind, offers a variety of platforms for laboratories of all shapes and sizes, including the Orchard Harvest laboratory information system, which achieved Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT 2014 Edition Modular EHR certification earlier this year. The company’s lab systems provide rules-based decision support, ICD screening, data mining for analytics, and seamless integration to support point-of-care, clinical, microbiology, molecular, cytology, and anatomic pathology testing. Orchard also offers a laboratory outreach solution for electronic health record connectivity and remote access.
Orchard Software
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Translational Software MedsreviewHResPharmacogenomic Application
Features single screen interface
Translational Software Inc, Bellevue, Wash, has launched a pharmacogenomic application called Medsreview to help healthcare providers review and reconcile drug-gene and drug-drug interactions using a single screen interface. The app serves to guide clinical decisionmaking, minimize adverse reactions, and enable physicians to prescribe the most effective medications in real time. The intuitive single-screen user interface allows healthcare providers to understand all drug-gene and drug-drug issues for each tested patient within the existing clinical workflow, eliminating the need to print out lengthy PDF reports or toggle between separate drug-gene and drug-drug analytical systems to determine patient therapies.
Translational Software
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Jadak Vibe_2Machine Vision Camera
Reads matrix code at close range
Jadak, Syracuse, NY, has introduced a new fixed-mount machine vision camera called Vibe, designed for integration into a wide range of original equipment manufacturing medical devices that require image analysis and two-dimensional barcode scanning functionality, including in vitro diagnostic systems. Vibe is a video graphics array smart camera, suitable for applications that require a small footprint and reading of a matrix code or machine vision at close range, such as desktop analyzer devices. The Vibe can be integrated with machine vision software, including Jadak’s Clarity software, and it can decode or image at less than 1-inch distance.
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SeraCare QNGS_v2Quality Control Management Software
Supports whole-workflow data capture
SeraCare Life Sciences Inc, Milford, Mass, has launched IQ NGS QC Management v2. The software supports whole-workflow data capture from sample preparation to variant calling, along with associated reagent and operator data. The software was developed to make it easy for laboratories to recreate their QC workflows, set up their critical QC metrics in the software, and have the data imported automatically using the new IQ Connector API. With the data recorded, lab managers can easily review and assess run performance, determine run pass or fail status, and identify potential sources of assay drift that may cause problems in future runs.
SeraCare Life Sciences
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Reltio Cloud_All Devices_high resPlatform as a Service
Used for operational master data management
Reltio, Redwood Shores, Calif, has introduced the Reltio Cloud 2017.1, the newest iteration of a platform that enables enterprise data-driven applications with reliable master data, relevant big data insights, and intelligent recommended actions. The major release adds new integration, collaboration, and globalization capabilities at a larger scale, meeting the increased demand for agile information technology data management to deliver real-time operational execution and analytical insight. The new release also offers out-of-the-box connectivity using SnapLogic and Dun and Bradstreet for easy data integration.
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