TELCOR Inc announces a new relationship with McKesson’s Revenue Management Solutions group. McKesson currently helps clinical and molecular laboratories compete with the nation’s largest laboratory services by providing a cost-effective billing and practice management solution that helps improve the financial performance of the lab.

The combination of TELCOR’s billing information system and McKesson’s billing and practice management expertise provides laboratories the tools they need to proactively manage the profitability of their labs, helping to increase revenue, reduce denials and deliver enhanced reporting and information.

“Laboratories need to be able to compete effectively and get paid for their services,” said Mitch Fry, Senior Vice President at TELCOR.  “With this new relationship, clients will have an additional choice of using McKesson’s outstanding billing and accounts receivable services coupled with a billing information system that has proven results. TELCOR’s Billing Information System is written and developed with current technologies, including Microsoft SQL 2005 and .NET architecture, and uses a workflow that provides effective billing, management and decision support.”

The TELCOR billing information system is designed to efficiently and effectively control the billing and collection processes required to achieve improved billing results. It eliminates compromises often required by billing applications designed for the hospital or practice management environments. It improves customer satisfaction and business office workflow and provides tools that assist with sales and operational management.

TELCOR is currently utilized by 25 labs throughout the United States representing 16 million tests/accessions.