Olympus now offers powerful Visiomorph™ image analysis as part of a whole slide imaging software bundle, among new offerings in an array of histoinformatics software products designed for microscope users interested in high-performance image analysis, stereology, automated imaging and data management.

Visiomorph™, Microimager™ Automated Software and the other modules are being introduced in the US in collaboration with Visiopharm® of Hørsholm, Denmark, creators of well-known newCAST™ stereology software. 

Scientists in oncology, neuroscience, respiratory research, musculoskeletal research, and toxicology have broad requirements for the type of quantitative analysis that is readily provided by the software.

Visiomorph is robust software that allows users to easily and quickly set up individualized methods of handling even demanding image analysis applications, while providing automated data management as an integrated part of the workflow.  It offers tools for definition and storage of image analysis protocols, including user defined end-points; modern statistical methods for handling varying staining intensities; the ability to combine spectral, spatial, morphological, contextual, and relation information for superior segmentation results; tools for incorporating application-specific knowledge; data management; and much more.

Microimager Automated imaging software allows the user to sample image fields or smaller image regions from multiple slides and tissue sections. It controls multi-slide stages and slide loaders, and allows for off-line image analysis and stereology. Microimager is the basis for other image software in the suite including Arrayimager™, Fluoimager™, Whole Slide Manager, and Autodisector™.
The software is based on the Visiopharm Integrator System (VIS) platform, a database-driven system that is fully configurable, modular, flexible, and has easy image acquisition and viewing capabilities. The suite addresses a wide range of applications including quantitative analysis of histological samples, offering both image analysis and stereology. Several tools are available for working with tissue microarray, multi-well plates, time-lapse analysis, and other demanding image acquisition tasks, including tools for data management and data mining.

Olympus and Visiopharm offer webinars on image analysis and stereology topics on a regular basis. For more information about image analysis applications, email Christopher Higgins of Olympus at [email protected] or contact Olympus at (800) 446-5967.


Source: Olympus