Dotmatics, Bishops Stortford, United Kingdom, has released Vortex for Bioinformatics, a software program designed to enable bioscientists to analyze and visualize their data in order to make better-informed decisions.

Built into the company’s long-established Vortex program, Vortex for Bioinformatics can handle antibody, peptide, protein, and whole-genome data, and can scale to handle massive amounts of data, including whole genomes on a laptop. Using novel methods to relate biological structures and sequences to activities, Vortex for Bioinformatics helps users understand assay results and drive forward the design of biologics through high-performance analysis and visualization.

Mike Hartshorn, PhD, Dotmatics.

Mike Hartshorn, PhD, Dotmatics.

“Traditionally, a small number of experts are required to perform the analysis and visualization of bioinformatics data,” says Mike Hartshorn, PhD, chief science officer at Dotmatics. “These are the individuals who can script together the algorithms and programs needed to complete the discovery of knowledge. With Vortex for Bioinformatics, Dotmatics is broadening access to critical scientific methods while enabling discovery at the bench.”

Once a user loads bioinformatics data from files or directly from databases, Vortex for Bioinformatics displays the live sequences in a variety of formats. A selection of analysis algorithms is available, including alignment, cross-alignment, clustering, and search. The software makes intelligent selections of the correct methods to use based on the number and type of sequences being analyzed. Users can obtain appropriate results without having to know all algorithmic details, while power users can make manual selections. Bioinformatics experts can integrate additional methods via scripting.

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