The Verso automated sample storage system from Hamilton Storage, Franklin, Mass, provides new flexibility for medium- to large-capacity storage needs from ambient temperatures to ?20°C. The modular format now includes the Verso S1 SE configuration, which is suited for laboratories with ceiling heights as low as 2.4 m. Verso’s new universal picker, available on all configurations, accommodates 96-well tubes, 1 dram vials, other vial types and plates, and eliminates the difficulties associated with storing disparate labware containers separately. A 96-tube picker-puncher processes Remp 300 µL and Remp 900 µL punching tubes in addition to normal 96-well format tubes for a seamless transition between labware types. Finally, optional active thawing increases workflow efficiency by thawing samples before retrieving, while dual internal robotics and pickers increase throughput in large, customized Verso systems. Complete walkaway automation allows users to attend to other tasks, or program Verso to operate overnight, as it processes up to 1,500 tubes per hour and up to 170 plates per hour. For more information, visit Hamilton Storage.