TELCOR-201C-H 300The QML point-of-care solution and WebMRE add-on module from Telcor, Lincoln, Neb, have completed testing for compatibility with Microsoft Windows 2012. The QML middleware system electronically receives results from more than 90 medical devices outside the laboratory setting and transmits results to more than 40 laboratory or EMR systems. An open vendor system, QML enables pairing with devices from any manufacturer and features automated alerts, dashboards, management by exception, operator testing privileges, automated operator and patient lists to devices, and operator certification tracking and documentation. The system also provides data mining tools, patient and QC result management, comprehensive reporting for statistics and metrics, and numerous configuration options. The WebMRE web-based module integrates with QML to capture manual test results. It ensures all results are available from within QML and interfaced to the LIS/EMR for consistent point-of-care result reporting. For more information, visit Telcor.