Definiens, Munich, recently released the Tissue Studio 4.3 and Developer XD 2.6 software packages, developed to accelerate the discovery of meaningful tissue analysis results. The updated product suites provide scientists, clinicians, and researchers working in translational research and immunooncology with powerful image analysis solutions that can be tailored to their specific needs.

Designed for biomarker and morphological profiling of tissue samples used in research and drug discovery, Tissue Studio is a flexible and scalable program that supports quantification and data generation. Developer XD is a flexible development environment designed to enable the creation of comprehensive automated image analysis solutions. It performs segmentation and classification tasks to help researchers gain a deeper understanding of the underlying biology.

“Today’s scientists and clinicians at academic medical centers and researchers in pharma are seeking to quantify biomarkers to better understand both the biology of cancer and the immune system, and identify robust biomarkers for better patient stratification,” says Thomas Heydler, CEO of Definiens. “Tissue Studio enables them to obtain the most sophisticated data from tissue-based assays in order to move their programs forward.”

The updated Tissue Studio includes enhanced functionality to meet quantification demands across the spectrum of drug discovery and development, from basic research to translational studies. The software provides quantitative assessment of immune cell subpopulations in tumor tissue sections, enabling improved understanding of disease and drug mechanisms in immunooncology.

Users can save slides and increase the reliability of their study by adding more than one section from the tissue block onto a single glass slide. Analysis of those different tissue sections is separated so users can receive distinct data for each section as if they were on different slides. Furthermore, the software prevents border artifacts for accurate object detection and measurements.

With Developer XD 2.6, such new algorithms as maximally stable extremal regions, color deconvolution, and image object convex hull are available to allow the user to solve a variety of image analysis problems. Users can obtain novel insights by quantifying multispectral fields of view in the context of the full slide.

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