BioCision_BioT Transp Cryoboxes dry ice 400The BioT ULT Transporter from BioCision, San Rafael, Calif, is an ultra-low biomaterial transporter and temperature system designed for secure handling, freezing, and transporting of temperature-sensitive biomaterials. With the lid removed, the container maintains a stable temperature of -70°C to -50°C throughout its entire 8-inch working depth over an 8-hour period. With the lid in place, the transporter chamber remains at -70°C to -50°C for over 24 hours, enabling longer sample transport with virtually no variation or elevation in temperature that could compromise samples. The system can accommodate up to 8 standard 2-inch cryostorage boxes and is lightweight, with built-in finger grips for easy handling. Durable materials ensure the transporter’s longevity. For more information, visit BioCision.