MedTest, Canton, Mich, offers a general chemistry test menu on the Mindray BS-480 chemistry analyzer, which meets the testing needs of mid-volume laboratories. The analyzer produces 400 photometric test results per hour and 240 ISE tests per hour with an overall throughput of 560 tests per hour. Advanced features include such automatic processes as automatic start-up, ISE calibration, quality control, pre- and post-dilution, probe cleaning, probe collision recovery, reagent blank checks, and rerun, among others. The exclusive distributor of the analyzer in the United States, MedTest is handling the manufacturing and distribution of reagents, calibrators, and quality control products for the general chemistry and drugs of abuse testing markets. The analyzer’s full menu includes drugs of abuse reagents for urine drug screening and a range of chemistry tests, including specialty tests like HbA1c and vitamin D. For more information, visit booth 2547 at AACC 2015 or MedTest.