The BacT/Alert Virtuo from bioMérieux, Marcy l’Étoile, France, is a fully automated blood culture system that has received FDA premarket notification (510(k)) clearance. The blood culture microbial detection system is now commercially available in countries that recognize CE marking and in the United States.

BacT/Alert Virtuo is a continuously monitoring blood culture microbial detection system that offers ‘load and go’ technology, helping labs to streamline their workflow. Personnel of all skill levels can easily load bottles on the instrument at any time throughout the day or night, enabling prompt incubation and reducing hands-on time. Bottle unloading is fully automated, with visual and audible alarms and alerts.

The system offers powerful proprietary algorithms, high thermal stability, and optics that enhance blood culture performance for a shorter time to detection and faster identification of bloodstream infections.

The system offers an integrated configuration with scalable incubation capacity from 428 to 1,712 cells, and facilitates the management of high volumes of blood cultures. A unique blood level detection technology measures the blood volume in each blood culture bottle at the time of loading. This feature helps laboratories track and ensure collection of the recommended blood volume in order to be compliant with accreditation and quality guidelines.

“We are proud to receive this FDA clearance for BacT/Alert Virtuo which allows us to enhance our blood culture offer to our US customers,” says François Lacoste, corporate vice president of the clinical unit at bioMérieux. “This highly automated blood culture solution enables faster detection of pathogens by clinical microbiology laboratories, which is of crucial importance for optimal patient treatment, especially in life-threatening conditions such as bloodstream infections which may progress to severe sepsis.”

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