Agena Bioscience, San Diego, has introduced the Chip prep module to automate sample handling after polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for its MassArray 96-well system. The module enables laboratories to operate the MassArray system largely unattended for high-throughput, multiplex genetic analysis.

Automation of the post-PCR workflow reduces labor and helps to improve the quality and consistency of genetic testing. Laboratories can focus resources on the most impactful work, says Peter Dansky, chief executive of Agena Bioscience. Introduction of the Chip prep module demonstrates Agena Biosciences ongoing commitment to help laboratories quickly and reliably translate genomic discoveries into clinical practice.

The Chip prep module is designed to minimize hands-on time and reduce the risk of cross contamination associated with manual sample handling. It automates several processing steps, including dispensing and desalting samples onto the SpectroChip array, and subsequently loading these onto the MassArray analyzer.

Detecting genetic variation directly by end-point PCR and label-free mass spectrometry, the MassArray system can validate variants identified from genome sequencing in research and clinical settings.

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