Auburn Community Hospital (ACH) is the first institution in the United States to integrate Abbott’s Alinity h‐series into the ACH Core Laboratory. This hematology automation system aims to transform the capabilities of the Auburn Laboratory and will facilitate the measurement of complete blood counts.

In addition to conducting complete blood counts, this new system will have benefits for its physicians and patients allowing for increased specificity in the screening of numerous disorders such as infections, anemia, immune system diseases, and blood cancers. The lab aims to offer complete blood counts with increased accuracy, speed, and efficiency and places the ACH Core Lab.

The ACH Laboratory has been working with Abbott on securing this new technology for over two years and has a long and established relationship with Abbott. The ACH Core Lab has been recognized by the Joint Commission and the Department of Health for its high level of performance, including an exceptionally high volume of tests performed annually, and maintaining operations during the pandemic while carrying out thousands of tests and allowing necessary surgeries to continue, while keeping patients and employees safe, the company says.

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This new system is particularly important to ACH because the hospital will open a comprehensive cancer center this month and will be breaking ground soon for the Auburn Heart Institute. 

“These patient groups, known for their complex blood samples, pose challenges in analysis and this advanced technology promises enhanced accuracy and efficiency which will allow for healthcare professionals treating cardiology patients or cancer patients better data to care for patients right in our own backyard,” says Ronald Kirshner, MD, and Chair of the Auburn Heart Institute.

By securing this latest technology the ACH Lab will have the capability to process 119 CBCs per hour, and the Alinity HS slide maker stainer automates and standardizes the formerly manual blood smear creation process. The Abbott Alinity systems are also designed for efficiency, conducting more tests in less space, delivering faster test results, and minimizing human errors.

“This investment by ACH is significant because it is another example of how a rural community hospital can be a model for other institutions who are committed to offering the best care for patients. Our lab, now equipped with cutting-edge technology, empowers physicians with swift and accurate information, facilitating timely communication with patients eagerly awaiting results,” says Scott Berlucchi, president & CEO of ACH.

Featured image: Abbott’s Alinity h‐series hematology automation system. Photo: Abbott.