Randox Daytona+Clinical Chemistry Analyzer
Uses 72 semi-permanent cuvettes
The RX Daytona+ from Randox Laboratories, Crumlin, UK, is a fully automated, clinical chemistry analyzer with the ability to perform 270 photometric tests per hour, increasing to 450 tests per hour with an optional ion-selective electrode unit. The instrument uses 72 semipermanent cuvettes, and onboard software checks each cuvette to ensure only clean and viable reaction vessels are used. As a result, users can benefit from improved accuracy of testing and minimized need for costly reruns. The analyzer requires a maximum water consumption of 5 L per hour.
Randox Laboratories
(866)472-6369; www.randox.com


Aquario Histology AquaroASM PREFERREDMicrotomy Device
Supports hands-free section mounting
The AquaroASM from Aquaro Histology, Ann Arbor, Mich, is designed to allow hands-free microtomy, from cutting sections to relaxing and mounting the sections on microscope slides. It enables serial sectioning for processing entire blocks and preparing control slides, as well as auto-trim before sectioning and between levels. The device has a footprint smaller than the water bath that it replaces, and requires only a standard electrical outlet. All AquaroASM commands are entered via touchpad, while all microtome settings are programmed through the microtome’s user interface.
Aquaro Histology
[email protected]; www.aquarobio.com


PerkinElmer chemagic 360Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction
Less than 1-hour isolation
The CE marked Chemagic 360-D instrument and kit from PerkinElmer, Waltham, Mass, seek to offer reliable magnetic bead–based solutions for the automated extraction of high-quality nucleic acids suitable for clinical applications. With fast processing times, nucleic acids can be isolated from 96 whole blood or plasma samples in less than 60 minutes. The instrument offers consistently high yields of nucleic acids that are ideal for polymerase chain reaction analysis, next-generation sequencing, or other types of in vitro diagnostic assays.
(800) 762-4000; www.perkinelmer.com


XimedicaDX GeneWEAVE2Molecular Diagnostics System
Addresses multidrug-resistant treatment guidance
XimedicaDx, formerly Accel Biotech, Los Gatos, Calif, and GeneWeave, acquired by Roche Diagnostics, have collaborated on the development of the VivoDx platform for the prevention and treatment guidance of multidrug-resistant organisms. The platform consists of a custom-designed consumable and instrument that utilizes GeneWeave’s Smarticles technology. XimedicaDx incorporated its proprietary line of automation components and submodules to create a fully automated, continuous random access instrument.
(408) 354-1700; www.ximedica.com


Siemens H_DX_AptioUnified Automation Solution
Accelerates sample processing
Aptio Automation combines intelligent technologies with workflow expertise from Siemens Healthineers, Tarrytown, NY, to deliver flexible solutions that advance laboratory productivity. Labs can leverage enhancements introduced in 2016—including more diagnostic analyzers, preanalytical modules, and process management tools—to simplify multidisciplinary testing. Highly adaptable, needs-based Aptio Automation solutions will enable users to accelerate sample processing, achieve consistent turnaround times, and proactively control operations for better patient outcomes.
Siemens Healthineers
(888) 588-3916; www.usa.siemens.com


Yaskawa AutoSorter1200Sorting Instrument
Processes up to 1,200 tubes per hour
The AutoSorter 1200 from Yaskawa Motoman, Miamisburg, Ohio, is a high-speed sorting instrument for pre- and postanalytic specimen processing. Processing up to 1,200 tubes per hour, the device features a large sorting deck area with multiple configuration options. The instrument may be positioned against a wall or next to other units, as all maintenance access is from the front of the instrument. The sorter permits the use of a wide variety of specimen container configurations and instrument racks.
Yaskawa Motoman
(937) 847-3200; www.motoman.com


Fluid Metering Intelligent PumpProgrammable Pump
Offers five inputs and two outputs
The Intelligent programmable pump from Fluid Metering Inc, Syosset, NY, combines the company’s precision valveless STH stepper pump with an integral programmable driver in a compact design. The driver provides precision servo control of the STH pump’s stepper motor for resonance-free, quiet operation. With five programmable inputs and two outputs, the pump is compatible with multiple programming platforms, including C/C++, Delphi, LabView, and Visual Basic. Analog 0-5 VDC, RS-232, and CANopen communications protocols are supported, with an optional EtherCAT communication module available.
Fluid Metering
(800) 223-3388; www.fmipump.com


Micronic Tissue TubesAutomation Friendly Tubes
Available in 1.00 mL and 3.50 mL sizes
Designed with special features for the storage of fresh frozen tissue samples, 1.00 mL and 3.50 mL tubes with external thread are now available from Micronic, Lelystad, the Netherlands. With these uniform tissue storage products, the company enables biobanks to standardize and automate the handling and storage of tissue samples in the same way as their liquid samples. The tissue tubes feature a wide opening for easy loading and are shallow for the removal of tissue samples using tweezers. Various sizes of tissue samples can be stored in the tubes. The tubes are optionally available with a transparent cap, for easy visual checking of the enclosed tissue sample from above.
(484) 483-8075; www.micronic.com


Instrumentation Laboratory HemoCELL w/attached ACL Top 750 w/attached ACL Top 750Hemostasis Testing System
Automates all phases of testing
The HemoCell system from Instrumentation Laboratory, Bedford, Mass, seeks to combinine ACL Top analytical capabilities, HemosIL assay accuracy, and HemoHub centralized control. By automating all phases of hemostasis testing, the system can enhance productivity and improve quality, while reducing operating costs. Preanalytical automation includes real-time sample control, with sample sorting, centrifugation, decapping, and customized and intelligent routing. The system also automates analytical and postanalytical steps, including sample checks, accreditation support, centralized quality control, and critical results monitoring.
Instrumentation Laboratory
(800) 955-9525; www.instrumentationlaboratory.com


Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group processpumps_biopharmPeristaltic Cased Pumps
Available for higher flow applications
Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group, Falmouth, UK, has expanded its range of peristaltic cased pumps for upstream and downstream bioprocessing tasks. The existing 120 and 530 models are now joined by 630 and 730 higher flow pumps. Among the main features of the new pumps is an enhanced operator and control system interface that contributes to step-change improvements in validated process security. Flow range extends from 0.000000264 gal/min up to 8.7 gal/min (with model 730), thus simplifying scaling. The new models are backed by a 5-year warranty.
Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group
(800) 282-8823; www.watson-marlow.com


Hamilton Co PSD4SmoothFlowPrecision Syringe
Up to 8-hour total dispense time
Hamilton Company, Reno, Nev, has expanded its PSD/4 precision syringe drive product family with the launch of PSD/4 Smooth Flow. The new PSD/4 Smooth Flow delivers exact flow rates in nanoliters per minute with total dispense times up to 8 hours. The syringes meet the needs of engineers looking for an economical way to automate processes that were developed on lab-scale pumps. The device is suited for flow cytometry and microfluidics applications where smaller sample volumes, faster analysis time, and more-sensitive detection mechanisms require accurate, extremely small, precision flow rates. The compact design now has 192,000 steps of resolution across the 30 mm stroke. The pump is compatible with a variety of catalog and custom valves, as well as standard and long-life syringes from 12.5 µL to 12.5 mL.
Hamilton Company
(800) 648-5950; www.hamiltoncompany.com