Hamilton Storage, Franklin, Mass, has introduced the new SAM HD, a low-capacity automated sample management system. SAM HD is designed to be a reliable walkaway solution for labs seeking to transition from manual to automated sample storage. To maximize lab productivity, the system is capable of processing samples throughout the day or outside of typical work hours. Models are available for storing samples at +4°C, ?20°C, ?40°C, and ?80°C, with capacity up to 60,000 tubes in standard racks, or 86,250 tubes using high-density RackWare from Hamilton Storage. SAM HD aims for easy programming, including chain-of-custody permissions, via a user-friendly touchscreen PC monitor with Instinct S software. Up to six different tubes with the same diameter can be stored together to accommodate varying sample collection workflows while maintaining secure sample documentation and tracking. A high-quality camera provides a wide field of view to save time during picking. For more information, visit Hamilton Storage.