Thermo Scientific Sorvall RC BIOS 10 centrifuge The Sorvall RC BIOS 10 centrifuge from Thermo Fisher Scientific, Waltham, Mass, features a high-capacity carbon fiber rotor and is suitable for a range of cell culture and bioprocessing applications. Designed to improve productivity and ensure sample safety and integrity, the system accelerates bioprocessing with higher volumes to reduce cycle times. A Fiberlite F5-10×1000 LEX non-corrosive carbon fiber rotor reduces cycle times by spinning up to 10 1-liter Thermo Scientific Nalgene centrifuge bottles in a single run. The capacity and design can accommodate numerous applications, including bacterial and mammalian cell pelleting, pelleting of cell cultures from fermentation tanks, large microbial cultures, biologics and vaccine production, clarifying broths, and harvesting cell and tissue cultures. The Sorvall RC BIOS 10 centrifuge can also be used with Thermo Scientific Centri-Log software for complete process traceability for cGMP compliance.

“Improving yields and reducing costs are critical for pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic bioprocessing,” said Maurizio Merli, product director, centrifugation, Thermo Fisher. “The Thermo Scientific Sorvall RC BIOS 10 high-volume centrifuge helps researchers increase their productivity by providing an integrated bioprocessing system with significantly more capacity than traditional centrifuges, making it a frontrunner in the industry.”

Thermo Fisher Scientific will display the system at Interphex 2014 in New York City March 18–20. For more information, visit Thermo Fisher Scientific.