Xmatrx Infinity from Fremont, Calif.-based BioGenex Laboratories is designed for life science research and drug discovery and development. The system adapts and completely automates any manual protocol including baking, deparaffinization, antigen retrieval, probe denaturation, probe hybridization, stringency washes, counter stain, and final coverslip. This system is a platform technology consisting of a fully automated sample processing system, detection kits, antibodies, and probes for molecular diagnostics and translational and clinical research. 

Key technology differentiators include: 40 independently controlled thermocyclable (PCR) workstations, a reaction micro-chamber at each position, reagent vials, and bulk-fluidics that enable complete automation of any slide-based assays. Multiplexing of ISH and IHC in the same specimen, a hallmark of the system, facilitates co-detection of multiple biomarkers while preserving tissue morphology and spatial information. The freedom to use any manufacturer’s reagent ensures increased possibilities and flexibility for the end user. The in situ quantitative gene-expression profiling enables target identification, prioritization, selection, and validation. 

Owing to all of these features, Xmatrx Infinity maximizes testing capacity, minimizes hands-on time, reduces errors, and produces consistent results.