productThis Safety Supplies Buyer’s Guide offers 1,536 pages of quality products from trusted manufacturers.
     The catalog has been reorganized to spotlight quality products selected to meet the needs of buyers looking for safety supplies and equipment. Buyers will find personal protective equipment, training aids, emergency response equipment, spill cleanup products, lockout/tagout supplies and much more in the guide.
     Color photographs show customers what they’re getting, and easy-to-read product descriptions give buyers all the details they need to make informed purchases. If customers have questions, there is a toll-free product support line and a fax-on-demand service for more information.
     Customer service representatives help callers get the products they need with 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed. There is a no-restocking-fee policy that makes every order risk-free. Customers also can take advantage of same-day shipping options and a repair service for air monitoring equipment and fall arrest systems.
Lab Safety Supply
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