photo The Simplicity Personal Ultrapure Water System is designed for operators who use small volumes (<5L/day) of ultrapure water for preparation of standards and dilution of samples. The system, which eliminates the need to purchase bottled water, produces water at a flow rate up to 0.6L/min.
     The product water meets Type I specifications with a resistivity of 18.2 Megohm-cm and TOC content of less than 15ppb.
     The 25 x 26-cm benchtop system needs no plumbing or special mounting. A removable reservoir holds 3.5L of pretreated water.
     This system also has the ability to display multiple languages including English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. It can display product water conductivity, or resistivity with and without temperature compensation. It is available with or without a UV lamp, depending on application-specific TOC levels.
Millipore Corp.
Keyword: water purification