To help protect solutions or other substances and prevent contamination, DWK Life Sciences, Millville, NJ, has introduced the Duran silicone lid, a safe and innovative cover for a variety of lab containers.

Duran silicone lids are elastic enough to fit securely over vessels of many different diameters and shapes, and their wide overlapping edge securely closes over the vessel top to prevent leakage or splashing. The integrated pull straps make it easy to pull the lids off with or without gloves.

The silicone lids are easy to clean, and they are reusable, so they represent an environmentally friendly alternative to single-use sealing films. The lids can withstand high and low temperatures, and they are tear-resistant, UV-resistant, water-repellent, and durable. Silicone requires no plasticizers, and no fossil raw material is required for its production.

Duran silicone lids come in three eye-catching colors—cyan, pink, or green—and with an additional labeling field on the flap vessels can be color-coded and labeled unambiguously. The lids are available in small, medium, and large sizes and can be ordered individually or in sets from specialist laboratory distributors.

For more information, visit DWK Life Sciences.