Singapore-based LabMed has shipped millions of medical masks, personal protective equipment (PPE), and virus transport medium (VTM) kits globally to help meet the increased demand fueled by the ongoing covid-19 pandemic. To date, LabMed has shipped over 65 million masks worldwide. The company is currently supplying these much-needed masks and medical devices to Singapore, Hawaii in the United States, the UK, Italy, Germany, India, and South Africa. LabMed has also shipped 38 million VTM kits worldwide. These VTMs are a crucial part of the battle against covid-19, as they are coupled with the company’s nasal swab kits, and they hold the completed swabs that will be sent to laboratories for testing. “The demand for VTM nasal swab kits and saliva collection kits is expected to rise with the current situation with most countries going through community testing, while the global face mask market is expected to register phenomenal growth by the end of 2020,” says LabMed’s regional managing director. “As governments, NGOs and healthcare agencies respond to this pandemic, we thought about how to give back to our community. Fortunately, we are in a good position to offer assistance, and we actively donate and contribute to the less fortunate so they are also taken care of during tough times like these when their financials are impacted.” For more information, visit LabMed. Featured image: LabMed has shipped millions of Virus Transport Medium kits as well as millions of medical masks. (courtesy LabMed)