Molecular Devices, a provider of high-performance life science solutions, launched its SpectraMax Mini Multi-Mode Microplate Reader, a compact solution designed to save researchers benchtop space and budget. 

Built on the company’s nearly four decades of experience, the SpectraMax Mini Multi-Mode Microplate Reader can meet a lab’s core microplate reader needs, while its compact size is ideal for integration into a large workstation with multiple instruments.

“We created the SpectraMax Mini reader for budget-conscious labs in need of a versatile, high-performing multi-mode solution,” says Susan Murphy, president of Molecular Devices. “The new reader joins our extensive SpectraMax line of user-friendly microplate readers – the industry’s most cited brand – to help scientists from academic labs to fast-paced biotechnology organizations advance their research.”

The user-upgradeable SpectraMax Mini reader features up to three modes of detection for UV-Visible absorbance, fluorescence, and luminescence, allowing for key applications like reporter gene expression, ELISA, DNA and protein quantitation, cell viability, and more. Integrated with the system is the protocol control and data analysis software, SoftMax Pro Software, to enable rapid data generation and analysis.

The SpectraMax Mini reader offers customers:

  • Flexibility – Accommodates various plate types from 6- to 384-well formats and is user upgradeable from two to three modes of detection
  • Extended wavelength range – Xenon flash lamp allows measurement of fluorescence from 250 to 850 nm – unlike halogen lamps – for a wider range of applications such as tryptophan assays
  • Ease of use – Approachable design with plug-and-play filter cubes for measuring fluorescence and luminescence, alleviating the need to input excitation and emission wavelengths manually
  • Superior software – Includes the world’s most published microplate reader control and data analysis software, SoftMax Pro Software, complete with time-saving, pre-written protocols for commonly used applications

The SpectraMax Mini reader is now available globally to advance research around the world.