Eppendorf, Hamburg, Germany, has launched a 25 mL conical tube that is easy to use, minimizes storage space, and is more sustainable.

Since many researchers work with sample volumes between 15 mL and 25 mL, but only 15 mL and 50 mL tubes were available, Eppendorf saw the need for a 25 mL conical tube.

The 25 mL conical tube is the same diameter as a conventional 50 mL conical tube and comes with either the new patented SnapTec snap cap or screw cap, both of which have high centrifugation stability. The SnapTec cap connects firmly to the tube and allows single-handed opening and closing for quick extraction or addition of sample.

The tube’s wide opening, combined with its lower height, offers easy sample access. When working with low-volume pipettes and tips, the risk of cross-contamination between pipette and tube by touching the inner tube wall is also minimized. The smaller size also saves space and allows for up to 30% more storage in refrigerators or freezers.

“We saw the need in the marketplace for the 25 mL conical tube for a host of reasons, and see it really changing efficiencies in labs,” says Dennis Barger, president of Eppendorf Americas. “The Eppendorf 25 mL is a first-of-its-kind design, and we hope that end-users appreciate the thought and considerations that went into its development.”

“In addition to the convincing handling and application benefits, we designed the Eppendorf 25 mL conical tube to work with the lab equipment you already have, so there’s straightforward integration into the existing lab environment,” says Nils Gerke, business manager for consumables at Eppendorf.

For more information, visit Eppendorf.