San Diego-based, a large independent pipette calibration facility and distributor of several manufacturers of pipettes, pipette tips, and lab equipment, is adding PCR products to its offerings. The company offers a wide variety of first-party and third-party pipette tips engineered for accuracy and compatible with most laboratory pipettes. It will be adding PCR tubes and PCR strip tubes, which are designed with a thin and flexible wall for optimal efficiency during heat transfers. The combination of a thin, flexible, even thickness, and transparent wall gives a lab’s samples stability while increasing efficiency. All of’s PCR tubes can be used for real-time PCR (qPCR). is also adding a wide selection of 384-well plates from Eppendorf, Simport, Brandtech, CAPP, Excel Scientific, Heathrow Scientific,, and Nest, as well as 96-well plates from a variety of manufacturers including BrandTech, CAPP, Eppendorf, Simport, and SSI. The 96-well plates are available in skirted, semi-skirted, unskirted, and low-profile plate formats. They fit most of the PCR instruments that are currently on the market and feature sterility qualities to keep them free of RNase, DNase, and PCR inhibitors. For more information, visit