photo These 1.2mL tubes are available in individual, eight-strip and 12-strip bulk package formats and a pre-loaded racked format. Racked formats are available non-sterile and presterilized. The cap strips, available in eight or 12 strips, are produced from polyethylene.
     Tabs on each cap facilitate removal of the cap strips from the tube. The caps also can be detached from the strip tube handling. This Micro Dilution/Storage system can be used for serial dilutions, mixing, storage and harvesting of Hybridoma cells, growing of cells for cell culture assays, freezer storage or transport of blood bank samples and reagents and a variety of PCR, EIA/ELISA and RIA procedures.
     The 96-well tube rack, with built-in alignment guides, is compatible with multichannel pipetting systems and can assure consistent robotic applications.
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