Bio-Rad Laboratories, a provider of life science research and clinical diagnostics products, launched a quality control peer comparison software featuring instant access to peer reporting and comprehensive quality control data, called Unity Next Peer QC.

Unity Next Peer QC increases confidence in patient test results and enables labs to get instant access to the industry’s largest peer groups, the company says. Its navigation system helps streamline QC reporting and improve workflow efficiency. Meanwhile, a new interface provides enhanced data visualization and a guided overview of rules evaluation.  

Unity Next Peer QC is ideal for labs that want a simple peer comparison tool that will help them make decisions to mitigate QC errors, meet compliance, and protect patient safety, the company added.

Backed by the power of cloud computing, Unity Next Peer QC delivers a modernized user experience, giving labs the QC reporting information to optimize decision-making without delays from software updates. New features are automatically introduced into the system to continuously support labs’ QC processes.  

Unity Next Peer QC also offers scalable features for every user, providing labs with a path for future growth. Labs new to Bio-Rad’s suite of QC data management products can experience Unity Next Peer QC with guided support and training from the Bio-Rad team.

For labs currently using UnityWeb who wish to upgrade to the new Unity Next Peer QC platform, Bio-Rad is offering upgrades to access the new system.