The CLP July 2023 Tech Guide that appears in Clinical Lab Products (CLP) features a wide-range of products from top laboratory providers. The 11 providers that took part in the Tech Guide, include: Audit MicroControls, Bio-Rad, LGC Clinical Diagnostics, Maine Molecular Quality Controls, Microbiologics, Quantimetrix, Randox, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Verichem Labs, and Zeptometrix.

Each Tech Guide that appears in CLP focuses on a specific topic area. The once-a-year opportunity, gives providers a spotlight to share product information and for readers to make side-by-side, apples-to-apples comparisons on these products. Contact information is provided in each listing, so readers can directly contact the company about the product or products that interest them most. 

These listings are posted at no charge and are solicited from the CLP staff via e-mail. Upcoming Tech Guides include molecular diagnostics.

In addition to the CLP July 2023 Tech Guide, the current issue of CLP also includes Product Spotlights on lab info systems/IT, quality controls and calibrators, and a preview of some of the products that will be highlighted at the upcoming AACC scientific meeting in Anaheim, Calif. These are short, descriptions of the products that include a full-color, high-res photograph. Again these products are posted at no charge, and include full company information, so readers can contact the provider for more information.

The July issue features four in-depth articles on automation in clinical chemistry labs, why improved sepsis diagnosis improves outcomes, an overview of anti-Mullerian hormone testing, and a new program by the CDC to support large-scale diagnostic sample collection.

The July 2023 Tech Guide is available here as a free download.