Concord, Mass — Oxford Instruments America’s Magnetic Resonance Group, a leading supplier of low-field benchtop nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technology has announced the release of a second generation of its popular MQC analyzers.

A compact size minimizes the footprint on critical laboratory benchtop workspace. It also includes a space-saving internal computer with operator interface, so no external PC is required. With the recent change to a 17-inch LCD flat screen monitor mounted on the magnet, the user is provided with a clear view of data and operational instructions. New test and diagnostic software makes remote servicing of the instrument a cost-saving convenience.

The MQC incorporates a permanent magnet that is smaller than those in any comparable instrument and has a very high homogeneity. Despite its small size, the magnet has the largest sample space in its class. It also has the highest field strength for maximum sensitivity and is available in several operating frequencies from 2-23 Mhz.

Interchangeable probes permit different sample sizes to be used for different materials, optimizing the instrument for each application. A liquid variable temperature probe is now available for the MQC, which allows operators to run experiments at higher or lower temperatures. The bottom of the probe is now equipped with a plug that keeps the magnet clean in the event of spills or broken sample tubes.

The MQC’s magnet, computer, and electronics, including the power supply, are now contained in two separate housings making it possible to place the electronics on the floor, under the bench, or even on a shelf to save benchtop space. The MQC line is available in a number of models with probes ranging from 5mm to 60mm in diameter. Each instrument is shipped with all required software, hardware, and sampling accessories, including set-up standards tailored to the user’s application.

SOURCE: Oxford Instruments