Summary: CorePlus, a precision pathology organization, has implemented its artificial intelligence algorithm, the Techcyte AI algorithm and quality control workflow, for cervical cancer screening, achieving high precision and accuracy, particularly benefiting Puerto Rican women.


  1. Ethnic Diversity in Validation: CorePlus ensured ethnic diversity in validating the artificial intelligence algorithm, including Puerto Rican women, which is crucial in eliminating potential bias and ensuring representation of Hispanic women, a significant part of the US population.
  2. Cervical Cancer Incidence: Puerto Rican women experienced an increase in cervical cancer incidence, emphasizing the importance of early detection for better therapeutic intervention and healthcare cost management.
  3. AI-Assisted Cytology: CorePlus will now review 100% of Pap tests using the AI tool, enhancing accuracy and patient safety, supported by extensive validation studies conducted by certified cytopathologists.

CorePlus, a precision pathology organization, announced it has operationalized the Techcyte AI algorithm and quality control workflow for cytology-based cervical cancer screening. After more than two years of clinical collaboration with Techcyte, the company says it has achieved the level of precision and accuracy with the artificial intelligence algorithm necessary to deploy this tool for use with our patients to provide 100% quality control of all Pap tests, which goes well beyond the regulatory mandates.

“We are fortunate to have been able to include Puerto Rican women in the validation of the algorithm. Ethnic diversity is a key to eliminating potential algorithmic bias. Including this subset of the population, ensures that Hispanic women will be well represented. This is important as Hispanics are becoming a significant percentage of the US population.” says Mariano de Socarraz, founder and CEO of CorePlus.

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Puerto Rican women faced an increase in the incidence of cervical cancer rate from 9.2 to 13 cases per 100,000 between 2001 to 20171. Early detection is paramount to provide initial therapeutic intervention and ensure better quality of life and impact healthcare cost.

Juan C. Santa-Rosario, M.D., CorePlus’ chief medical officer notes: “Our validation study included digitization of more than 1,500 cases scanned on the Epredia P1000 with water immersion at different modalities and was conducted by Dr. María del Mar Rivera-Rolón, our Board-Certified Cytopathologist. Now we will be able to review 100% of Pap tests processed at our laboratory using the Techcyte AI-assisted tool with the intent of providing more accurate results and promoting patient safety.”

“CorePlus is one of the most innovative organizations in the world at implementing digital pathology solutions. We are thrilled they will be using our AI-based cervical cytology software to have a real impact on the health of women in Puerto Rico and throughout the world. We appreciate their collaboration and shared mission to make a positive impact for lab professionals and the patients they serve.” says Ben Cahoon, CEO of Techcyte.

Featured Image: Techcyte’s gallery view using its artificial intelligence algorithm. Image: Techcyte


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